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Kelly Sugrue Dore Partnership
Principal, New York Office

Kelly Sugrue

  • Private Equity
  • Investment Professionals
  • Portfolio Companies

Q&A with Kelly

What did you do before you joined Dore?

I started my career at UBS in the Analyst program and spent most of my time in Equities covering New York based Hedge Funds.

How did you make the move to executive search?

During my time at UBS, there was a period when a lot of hedge funds were shutting down. Several clients reached out to inquire if I knew any hedge funds that were hiring Analysts or Portfolio Managers. I created a resume database and started to meet with Analysts/PMs to better understand what was currently going on at their fund and what they envisioned next steps would be in their career.

I realized this portion of my week was what I was getting the most energy and fulfillment out of, yet there was no real way to pursue this on an Investment Banking or Equities Distribution platform. The move to Dore seemed like the perfect step by combining my knowledge of the financial services industry as well as the challenge of learning the new skillset of search.

What are the highlights of your work at Dore?

Throughout my career, I have always enjoyed the process of understanding clients’ needs and finding solutions (whether that be equity research, corporate access, trading capabilities, or human capital).

In my current role, I not only provide our clients solutions via people but, even more rewarding, I am able to meet hundreds of intelligent people and seek to understand their talents and aspirations. Ultimately, in the best case scenario, I find them a firm/role that will better utilize their skillset and increase their overall career fulfillment.

“I not only provide our clients solutions via people but, even more rewarding, I am able to meet hundreds of intelligent people and seek to understand their talents and aspirations.”

What have you learned during your time at Dore?

I’ve learned that asking thoughtful questions is a far better way to understand people’s needs, versus telling them what you know and expecting them to respond with useful information.

What do you find challenging about your role?

Every new search is an interesting challenge as I spend time understanding at least one or many of the following: the culture of the overall firm or specific group within the firm, who has succeeded in the past, the recent industry themes, hiring trends, the top performing competitors and what contributes to their success, the relevant candidate pool etc.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of your career?

I remember my first placement and the same excitement and sense of accomplishment has followed with each additional placement. There is something so rewarding knowing that you are helping a firm grow in the right direction via hiring a transformational leader. Plus, at the same time, you are helping someone you really respect and admire into a better career that will continue to pay them dividends in years to come.

What’s the team culture like at Dore?

We are a close team and we organize socials outside of work – such as going to the US Tennis Open, Comedy Cellar and boating. Dore Partnership really values family and it has been great getting to know my colleagues and their significant others at these events.

“Every new search is an interesting challenge, understanding the culture
of the firm, the recent industry themes, hiring trends, the relevant candidate pool…”